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"It has been a great experience while working with VirtualServices team for our web development."

Edward, President and CEO
Good Thai Girl

"Great job on site design and making changes to meet my specific needs. I could not be happier with how the site came out. It leaves a great corporate impression."

Interpid Concepts LLC Company

"The team is working hard to get the project finished up and I am pleased overall with the quality of their work."

Ray Beauchamp, Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC

"I am highly impressed. Communication, skills and creativity are quite remarkable."

Interpid Concepts LLC Company

"Good Job. Site is working well. I will have team update the site from time to time as things change and new Ideas develop."

Duane Gayer, Owner, 203K

"Team has done good job till now and we are looking forward to complete this project with high moral."

Drupal Social Networking

Strategic Marketing Counsulting

Everyday there are people searching internet (Google) for the products and services that you (also) offer - however if your site is not on the results page, then the site will lack visitors and henceforth it will affect your sales and revenue. Now, to make the same possible comes into action what we call as Strategic Marketing Plan. In order to attract the visitors, it is important that your website is seen and recognized by the search engines. Being strategic marketing consultants our main aim is to help small businesses to improve their revenues / results with the help of their websites.

Remember it is no longer enough to add META keywords to your websites in order to get submission of your website to the Search engine directories and indexes. We are require to go through a step by step process which requires detailed planning, in depth research, wise programming and of course patience - after all it is a time consuming process.

The main purpose of Strategic marketing is to increase the count of the visitors by ranking high in the search engines. For the same our experts advise the use of the most suitable keywords that describe your website in the best way. In other words, if the targeted keyword or the phrase of your website is searched, the site will automatically be ranked in leading sites. In the Strategic Marketing Consulting we include the main areas like:

  • Target market analysis.
  • Clarification of the business objectives.
  • Analysis of the actions made by the visitors.
  • Navigation structure of the website.
  • Layouts used to define the forms in the website.
  • Call to action analysis.

Thus, we offer you the smart solution. Our expertise will select a keyword phrase that will be relevant to only what you are pitching and get you website ranked. Contact us so that we can provide you with the fair and fixed price quote to get your website ranked in a committed duration of time.

So what are you waiting for, you can always fill our simple inquiry form and we will revert at the lightening speed!